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            Duration approximate 50 minutes in format DVCAM panoramic  16:9 


Costa Rica pure ife, (pura vida) documentary filmed in Costa Rica about the wild life.

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This is an advance of some photos taken during the shooting of pure Costa Rica life.






           Pure life, two words which perfectly describe Costa Rica. Two words which mean much more than life in a pure state: but rather, pure nature and pure diversity. The unique conditions in Costa Rica allow life forms to develop and to extend, creating a   blanket over everything, from simple bacteria to the most complex life forms. Everything interacts to create pure life.



          Almost twenty three thousand species of flora and fauna inhabit this privileged enclave.   

         Located between the Pacific Ocean to the west and the Caribbean to the east, the territory contains the greatest biodiversity on the South American continent where it is possible to find distinct varieties of the same species at a similar altitude and even within neighbouring valleys.



           During our journey through this unique landscape, we will uncover the secret recipes which have created this pure life. We will see strange and mysterious species only found here and which are unknown to the majority of people. Some are found throughout the country, although difficult to see, and others which can only be observed in small areas of the most impenetrable jungle.