Documentary to be filmed on the island of Bali, Indonesia

Wild Bali 1x60' Format 16:9 UHD 4K


Algogar productions chooses UHD 4K 4096 x 2160  format (Ultra High Definition)

This new technologies allows us to make documentaries with a surprising high quality.

Bali, the island of the gods, a tropical paradise attracting millions of tourists, who seek out its charm, art, culture, and of course its pristine beaches and clear waters.
But the island of Bali is also a natural refuge for some of the most unique animals and plant species in the world, many of them on the brink of extinction.
Bali´s nature reserves, both terrestrial and submarine, hide many of these species.
Almost 14 % of the island is National parks, mostly in the west of the island.
The dense tropical forests are disappearing, cleared for agriculture for its growing population.

Man's constant pressure´s on the environment has multiplied in recent years due to increased tourism; water consumption has led to the drying up of 200 of the 400 rivers on the island. A tourism which is seeking precisely what it is destroying, its unique wild life.

Some of its unique animals, such as the Bali tiger have already been driven to extinction, others such as the Bali starling, one of the rarest birds of the world is almost gone.
Illegal poaching of the Bali Starling reduced its native population to only 6 birds by 2001.
Since then with the help of conservationists around the world, and to Chester Zoo in the UK, reintroduced captive-bred specimens has enhanced this critical situation, with the wild populations now reaching 50 to 100 birds, although illegal trapping for the underground bird trade is still a problem.

Reptiles, mammals, birds, insects and amphibians are all part of Bali´s fauna, but the great unknown riches are hidden in its waters. Fish, invertebrates, corals and all other kinds of marine animals, many of them yet still to be discovered.

Only if we know the immense richness of the wildlife of Bali, are we confident that we can save it.


The documentary project "Wild Bali" aims to be the most comprehensive and best filmed so far on the island of Bali and its inhabitants, we will require multiple visits to the Islands National Parks at different seasons over a  12 month period.
The filming of the documentary presents great challenges, with  careful photography  in UHD 4K plus all  new technologies for the filming; mini spy cameras, cranes, drones, travelling, time lapse videos, camera stabilizers, aerial shots, submarine, orchestral soundtrack and 3D computer graphics, surpassing any other work previously done on the islands.
We have the collaboration of some of the best scientists, biologists and naturalists who are currently working for the conservation and study of wild life. Our naturalist Jim Pether has been recognized by Sir David Attenborough as one of the leading experts in this unique species in the world.