Documentary  DVCAM  format  16:9 panoramic 1x50'

                      "The last hope for the Komodo dragon"        

          A documentary on the scientific and naturalistic work, fimed in 8 years, for the conservation and breeding in captivity of the last one big saurio of the planet, the Komodo dragon.

             For the conservation and perpetuation of this species, breeding in captivity is fundamental. We will visit the zoological parks of the world which possess Komodo dragons and see the efforts which they carry out for their reproduction. The interchange of specimens between countries avoids any blood relationship. Our naturalist Jim Pether has achieved enormous success world-wide, managing to breed 17 dragons, for the first time in Europe. Spain and the Canary Islands, with its ideal climate, are now a great hope for perpetuating the species.


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                    In a few remote islands of Indonesia, lives the biggest saurio of the earth .

                   His settlers call him Ora, for us it is the last dragon, the Komodo dragon .



              Discovered by chance in 1912 by a pilot who smashed in the islands, when it was rescued, his histories surprised to the world.

              An authentic dinosaur was living between us.



          Scientists of the whole planet travelled to the place to study the incredible find, since then, it has not stopped surprising us.

         But now it is in danger of extinction and we must avoid it.




 ©Fotos José Bergadá