"The giant lizard of Gran Canaria", duration of the documentary 47 minutes in Panoramic 16:HDV format.


The giant lizard of Gran Canaria, Gallotia stehlini. Documentary filmed on the Island of Gran Canaria.           


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            On some Islands in the Atlantic, off the western coast of African, the last great lizards in Europe and Africa exist.   

            For centuries mystery surrounded these colossal dragons which populated these far away islands that were never set foot on by man.  

            These reptiles, descendants of the mythical dinosaurs, evolved in a different way from their cousins on the continent, a fact  which made them unique.  

            The giant lizards of the Canary Islands are silent witnesses to the evolutionary treasures to which the islands are host.


 This lizard is the largest in Spain and Europe and the great unknown, it can reach 80cm in length  We will follow a colony during 2 year, from the mating combats of the males, until the birth of their young.

              In order to discover their secrets, we will first follow the formation of the islands up to the present day.  

              Reptiles at the edge of extinction, capable of disappearing and  reappearing, hidden in the driest and most inaccessible regions.  

             Buffeted by the trade winds and sculpted by imposing volcanoes which plague the landscape, the islands were a mystery 3.000 years ago for the intrepid sailors who ventured beyond the columns of Hercules, perhaps in search of the gardens of the Hesperides.  

              The courageous navigators who sailed into these unknown seas for the first time, came upon deserted islands, covered by a strange carpet of plants with incredible animals never before seen,  “dragons” and “gigantic lizards”.





©Fotos José Bergadá