This documentary received an Honorable Mention for Cinematography Awards, in the International Wildlife Film Festival (IWFF), Missoula USA.

 Receiving an Honorable Mention  is a great accomplishment.  




Madagascar: kingdom of the chameleon, duration of the documentary 54 minutes in Panoramic 16:HDV format.

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Madagascar: kingdom of the chameleon ; this documentary that discovers us the secrets of the most amazing reptile of the world.


On an island in the Indian Ocean, off the coast of Africa, live the strangest and most curious reptiles on the face of the Earth.

A place where they are respected like Gods and feared like the devil.

Enigmatic and mysterious, these miniature dinosaurs surprise us with their unimagined shapes and sizes, the consequence of millions of years of evolution.

Madagascar is without doubt a sanctuary on earth for these reptiles.


Baobabs Madagascariensis

Furcifer pardalis

The diversity and concentration of unique species of this reptile on the island, almost 50% of those in existence in the world, makes Madagascar the veritable kingdom of the chameleon.   

Furcifer pardalis Nosy be  ©Foto Miguel Ángel Gómez

Pachypodium in the Tsingy of Ankarana.


The island’s dense tropical forests with their exotic plant species hide many secrets from us, even today.


National Park  montain D' Ambre

Brookesia minima


Madagascar is an island continent, the fourth biggest in the world: almost as big as the Iberian Peninsula.  

Separated from Africa by 400 kilometres of sea by the Mozambique Channel and isolated for millions of years, it was a perfect evolutionary laboratory.


Uroplatus ebenaui ©Fhoto Miguel Ángel Gómez



Uroplatus henkeli

Phelsuma madagascariensis grandis


Madagascarophis colubrinus

Mimophis mahfalensis

Crown Lemur  ©Fhoto Miguel Ángel Gómez

Tsingy of Ankarana ©Fhoto Miguel Ángel Gómez


Leioheterodon madagascarien Furcifer pardalis
  Our malgache guide   Zakamisy

We are grateful for his inestimable help to our friend York Pareik, owner of the agency " King de la Piste " who us provided his infrastructure for the achievement of the documentary and to our guide Zakamisy who made us enjoy the incredible places and animals of Madagascar.


Zonosaurus twingy Nosy

Zonosaurus laticaudatus


 ©Fhotos Jim Pether