“In Search of the Bushmaster viper filmed in the wild Costa Rica.

           Approximate duration of the documentary 40 minutes in Panoramic 16.9  DVCAM format.

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            Uncontrolled and indiscriminate tree felling, very often exploiting the fact that the environmental laws very often give limited protection, means that the forests continue to be destroyed for cattle raising, agriculture and indeed tourism, leaving some species of animals isolated outside the national parks.

            Our objective is to ascertain the plight of one of the snakes which most suffer the consequences of the destruction of the forests: the Lachesis muta stenophrys, or bushmaster viper, as it is commonly known.

            Miguel is one of the best snake hunters and guides in Costa Rica, he accompanies us on our search for the Bushmaster, the largest venomous snake on the American continent,  the snake which is the cause of most deaths by snakebite in Costa Rica, the potent effects of which he himself has survived.


          Costa Rica, sanctuary for thousands of animal and plant species, has the largest area of territory in the world, in relation to its size, devoted to national parks. Almost a quarter of the country.

Indeed, starting in the 1970’s, it was one of the first countries in Latin America to recognise the vital importance of protecting its wild life.

         Its teeming rivers, impenetrable forests and formidable mountains topped by active volcanoes, mean that Costa Rica is an important reserve of natural resources. 

But man also needs these natural resources in order to subsist, thus maintaining a fragile balance with the wild life.

  The luxuriant forests and their animal life are threatened on all sides by the pressures of economic development  albeit sustainable  at times leaving the jungle reduced to small pockets of life surrounded by wire fences.

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