Project for documentary Series: "The Giant Lizards of the Canary Islands." 

            Serie of 8 chapters , Duration; 8 X 50'   HDTV  16:9 panoramic.


This series "The Giant Lizards of the Canary Islands", will brings us close to these, attractive, surprising, and unique prehistoric animals. 

When the Canary Island normally appear out of our screens it is usually to show a wonderful tourist place and a place to relax, but there exists another Canaries, Islands with a fauna and biodiversity unique in the world.  The series overcomes the partial vision and shows us the fascinating reptiles that inhabit them, between the rural universe and the urban one, between the marine world and that of the land, giving protagonist to the different endemic species.   

            An exhaustive journey through the seven Canary islands with their endemic fauna and flora, from their origins, until modern times, reptiles on the edge of  extinction, who were just able to survive and to be rediscovered hidden among the most arid and inaccessible places.


Gallotia g. palmae ejemplar macho, isla de La Palma

Gallotia galloti eisentrauti ejemplar macho, isla de Tenerife


             The documentaries awaken the most unknown aspects of these survivors from the tertiary period. We will discover the secret of their arrival to the islands and how they colonized them, their fights for the territory, their mating behavior and their birth. Why on some islands giants and on other no? We will be seduced by their behavior never filmed before, converting this into a unique unpublished series. 


Neonato de Gallotia stehlini, isla de Gran Canaria

Adulto de Gallotia stehlini, isla de Gran Canaria


             A world of fascinating creatures, incredible natural places, and a sound track with shades of Canarian folk music; these are the ingredients of a new documentary series that will show us the last giant lizards of Europe. 


Adulto Gallotia bravoana , isla de La Gomera

Adulto de Gallotia stehlini, isla de Gran Canaria


              Following the path the lizards traveled 20 million years ago, it is the lizards, who will guide us on their fantastic colonization trip and adaptation to each one of the islands. We will use to on-line computer special effects, recreating the formation of the islands and showing the lizards as theywere in prehistoric times. 


Chalcides  sexlineatus, isla de Gran Canaria


Gallotia stehlini, isla de Gran Canaria

The series is composed of eight chapters; seven dedicated to each one of the islands and their endemism, and an eighth focused on environmental aspects, as well as the efforts carried out by the administration for their conservation.  

            The script has been written with the advice of one the best specialists on the subject, Dr. José Antonio Mateo, adding, an interesting scientific theme to the series. 


Lagarto Gigante Gallotia simonyi  isla de El Hierro


Gallotia bravoana, isla de la Gomera



Neonato de Tarentola Bottegoi, isla de Gran Canaria


Adulto de Tarentola Bottegoi, isla de Gran Canaria


High Definition, HDTV 1080x1920 Pixels resolution. 

Format; 16:9 panoramic. 

Language; Spanish and English.  

Sound for DVD in Digital Dolby 5.1. 

Infografía 3D on-line. 

Duration; 8 X 50.'   

BUDGET FOR THE SERIES:  8 chapters 1.200.000 €. 

              Without a doubt, the most ambitious documentary series filmed about our own lizards. 


©Fotos José Bergadá, José Antonio Mateo y James Pether

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