This exciting series will reveal the secret world of the last dragon still alive on the face of the earth, the Komodo Dragon.


The series comprises four independent episodes of 50 minutes each, filmed in HDTV panoramic format, complemented by computer generated 3D images.


On a journey around the islands which make up the Komodo National Park, we will show you its varied and unique ecosystems, both on land and under water.


We will tell the story of  the long journey which led to the  colonisation of the archipelago, when these magnificent reptiles travelled from one island to another in search of new hunting grounds. 

We will travel back to the past in order to understand the evolution of  life on these islands and its formation. Only the remoteness of the island made it possible for the species to survive down to the present day.  

Man confronts the difficult task of living alongside these dangerous reptiles, where death is a constant threat in their daily lives.



                   Episode 1: The Islands of the Last Dragon.  

                  With images never before filmed about life and death on these islands, we will be present at the birth of our protagonist, the small dragon. We will see, through their eyes, a world full of dangers which threaten it and its species. Only when it reaches its full growth of 10 feet and a weight of 330 pounds, will it be the authentic King of the Islands. But now, everybody fears the last dinosaur on the face of the earth, the Komodo Dragon.



                 Episode 2: The Coral Reefs of the Islands of the Dragon. 

                 Understanding the formation and evolution of the archipelago is essential to comprehending the delicate balance which sustains life on these islands. The sea bed and coral reefs hide an evolutionary history dating back millions of years. Their study can reveal the secrets of the great adventure of the colonisation of the islands. Sharks, manta rays, dolphins, moon fish, corals and invertebrates are just some of the inhabitants of this natural park. Only man, and fishing with dynamite, place this fragile ecosystem in danger.



                 Episode 3: Man and Ora, the Dragon.  

                 In the Komodo National Park, man also lives. And living alongside the dragon has never been easy. Originally, this settlement  was a penal colony, created by the Sultan of Bima. The prisoners were obliged to live alongside the dragons and Death was almost always the tragic outcome. At present, there exists a population of approximately 1.000 people, who live from fishing and the sale of souvenirs. Others, on the other hand, are nomadic, entire families who spend their lives on the water following the rhythms of the tides. They fish, cook and sleep on small boats. Each day a different island. Each night a different bay. They are the last of the nomads of the sea.



                  Episode 4: The Last Hope for the Dragon.  

                  For the conservation and perpetuation of this species, breeding in captivity is fundamental. We will visit the zoological parks of the world which possess Komodo dragons and see the efforts which they carry out for their reproduction. The interchange of specimens between countries avoids any blood relationship. Our naturalist Jim Pether has achieved enormous success world-wide, managing to breed 17 dragons, for the first time in Europe. Spain and the Canary Islands, with its ideal climate, are now a great hope for perpetuating the species.



©Fotos José Bergadá


           Budget for the Series          

           The project for the documentary series “The Islands of the last Dragon” aims to be the most complete and best filmed work, up till now, of the Komodo Natural Park and its inhabitants. For this, many visits will be needed, at different seasons, during 16 months.  

           The filming of this series has posed enormous challenges, with a meticulous photography in HDTV, using cranes, travelling shots, camera stabilisers, aerial and underwater shots, an orchestral sound track and computer generated 3D images. The results surpass any previous documentaries made of these islands.  

           We have relied upon the collaboration of the very best scientists, biologists, and naturalists who are currently working for the conservation and study of the Komodo Dragon. Our naturalist Jim Pether is acknowledged by Sir Davis Attenborough to be one of the greatest experts in the world of this species, a species which is unique in the world.

          The budget for the series was approximately 1 million Euros.